kitchen Face Lifts by
 Cornwall Kitchen Doors
Helston Cornwall
Here are some examples of recent face lifts that we have completed.
Just click on a picture to enlarge.
Before                                                                         After       

Before                                                                              After

BEFORE                                                                             BEFORE



BEFOREFace lift using Matt Dakar / Shaker style doors

After Face Lift                                                            After Face Lift

                                      After Face Lift

Before                                                                                               After

BEFORE                                                                                              AFTER
BEFORE                                                                                            AFTER
Truro                                                                                            Truro
Before                                                                                            After: Colour Vanilla
                                                                                                      Style  Surrey
Penryn                                                                                            Penryn
Before                                                                                             After: Colour Vanilla
                                                                                                       Style  Shaker
                                                                                                           After: Colour  Satin White
Trispen: Before                                                                                    Style   York 
Penzance: Before                                                                            Penzance: After
                                                                                                      Colour  Alabaster
                                                                                                       Style    Surrey
Before                                                                                                After


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