Hinge Holes
You can buy the doors pre-drilled or drill them yourself
If you would like the doors pre-drilled there is a charge of £2 per door.
You can have them drilled at standard positions 100mm in from top and bottom, tall doors can also have centre hinge holes.
Your existing doors may have hinge hole drilled at different locations also check to see if the screw holes on the units are ok to be re- used, if  not then measure for the door holes to be slightly above or below. 
We need the position of the centre of each hinge.
Measuring doors and drawers
The most reliable way is to measure the existing doors and drawers. measure the backs of the doors/drawers to get a more accurate measurement.

Most modern kitchen units are 300, 400, 450, 500, 600mm wide and the correct width of door for these cabinets is 4mm less than this (which leaves enough space for the doors to open without colliding).
The common widthsof door/drawers are: 296, 396, 446, 496 and 596mm.

Most modern kitchen cabinets are 575, 720 or 900mm high and the space for most drawers is 145, 180 or 288mm high. It is usual to leave 5mm between doors and drawers, and between drawers in stacks of drawers. The common sizes are 5mm less than the space.
The common heightsof doors/drawers are: 140, 175, 283, 570, 715, 895 and 1245mm.
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